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Some rehabs are a race to the bottom. The proverbial cutting corners to save money may leave you high and dry.

BroCAR has completed over 700 rehab in 5 states across the country. We are licensed in NY, NJ, PA, DC, and MD.

Make sure the contractor you use has a MHIC license. If you find a handyman and laborers you can get you job SHUTDOWN!!!!!!!!!

In Capitol Heights, Temple Hills and District Heights, home inspectors literally patrol their jurisdictions checking whether a permit is in the window and credentialing the crew. Word to the wise, use a construction firm with the correct licensing or you can get shut down and in many instances fined not to mention, most licensed firms provide a better product. The price may be a bit more but your new product will likely increase the value of the home or at least cause a quicker sale...thus saving you on debt service or seller subsidy.

See the following link so you can see what the state of Maryland has to say on the subject:

It never hurts to see if your contractor is a Lead Safe contractor.

In order to vet these things just ask the contractor for His/Her MHIC license and their EPA Lead free cert. If they cannot produce these items...tell em' git atah here...

Until next time folks...CKori Jones Sr. signing off...

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