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Rehab Issues Overlooked Part 2

My last blog focused on repairs that flippers overlook related to a chimney. Many people responded with feedback requesting I post another blog focusing on another aspect of a renovation that flippers may overlook.

Today's focus is the typically misdiagnosed and often not even identified CRAWL SPACE.

CRAWL SPACE - an area of limited height under a floor or roof, giving access to wiring and plumbing.

If a flipper recognizes a crawl space their initial reaction is to cover the ground of the space with plastic for uniformity sake and call it a day. ACTUALLY, they should have the ground vapor sealed, the walls insulated, air sealed, and the air conditioned with indoor air.

See the following things to look for and the corresponding solution so you can plan accordingly:

1. Mold - Check for visible signs of mold on the joists. If there is what appears to be Stachybotrys or Aspergillus, this must be treated properly. Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog that will provide further information on the remediation process and lab testing. It will cover how to visually assess, treat and carry out mold remediation services on your flipped home.

2. Insulation - is insulation present under the supporting joists? If not, installation is compulsory.

3. Pipes insulated - are all plumbing pipes wrapped with plumbing insulation?

4. Walls and floor - are they naked???

Crawlspace walls should be insulated with non-water sensitive insulation that prevents interior air from contacting cold basement surfaces. In addition, there should be a continuous sealed ground-cover of vapor diffusion resistant materials, such as taped polyethylene.

Taking these items into consideration will help you pass the home inspection, stay in compliance with local code requirements and prompt a quicker sale. Home buyers are more likely to rest at ease when they see you have addressed the crawl space in a professional manner. Lastly, these improvements help the buyer with energy efficiency which is something you can boast about in the MLS listing. Everyone loves energy efficiency. Continue to do good work, build your brand and become known as a re-modeler that cares.


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