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Easiest way to get started making $$$ in Real Estate. Referrals

Do you know a friend, family member, or neighbor that is looking to sell their house, but doesn't know where to start? You would be surprised at how many people you are connected to that need help with a home they no longer want to deal with. By simply talking to people in and around your circle, you will generate leads that can turn into referrals, which in turn can put money in your pocket. If your referral leads to the purchase or sale of a property you could earn up to $7000. If we buy the house we’ll possibly bring you in as a partner on the deal or pay you up to $7,000 just for providing the lead! If you have ever thought of getting involved in real estate, but don't know how, START BY SENDING REFERRALS. If you have a lead or are interested in learning how to generate leads, contact BroCAR Properties today @ 240-461-7263.

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