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Renovating a home can yield great returns and has been glamorized on television to appear as an easy profitable process. However, common mistakes and misconceptions can quickly turn a "Flip to a Flop". This blog post will highlight our home renovation projects process and point out the unique challenges each home presents.

In one of our larger projects this year we were renovating a Historic Brownstone in the Bolton Hill Arts District. The home will come out beautiful, however, we experienced our fair share of obstacles. We initially had to take down the entire front facade, which was made up of 19th century VERY HEAVY gray stone, piece by piece and re point and re-install each stone. This was necessary to get the property out of condemned status. This was only the beginning. After digging out the stone foundation basement and removing the asbestos boiler system, we noticed that the entire rear of the home was unstable. Check out these pictures of BroCAR stabilizing the rear wall of the property and pouring new footers to support the rear wall. This is a taste of what you could experience on your project. Look fun and profitable???

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